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Miklos Janoska

EPAM Systems
Director of Technology
Budapest, Hungary

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A passionate problem solver, with broad and deep interests in a variety of domains. Programming since C64 and evolved as the technologies did in the past 30 years. I fall in love with IBM i around 2004, my first touch was already with modern ILE RPG features. At EPAM, jumped from team lead through architect of many hats to director of people and technology, worked in a variety of business verticals with smaller and bigger teams across mature old systems and cloud native ones.
My passion is semantics, finding meaning in synthesis between seemingly distant domains.
As for professional musings, other than the usual programming landscape (enterprise java, .net, etc) I've been playing my part in the recent knowledge graph trend, spending quite some time on formal languages, graph transformations and interesting software and organization architectures. Most recently I got engaged in modernization efforts, some of them involving mainframe and midrange.
 To sum it up, I like to socialise with interesting people with diverse experience and a holistic view but also enjoy drilling deep in technology arguments.
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